(Re)Search & Share

In the exhibition space, we often see only the finished product – however, art is created in an ongoing process of growth and change. With (Re)Search & Share, a format of sustained collaboration with artists has been developed, and thus a long-term expansion of the program.

(Re)Search & Share provides the opportunity of process-oriented artistic work on intermediate stages and in fields of experimentation going beyond the classic exhibition setting that reaches the audience (almost) unpackaged and without the consumption of gas or kerosene.

The artists participating in (Re)Search & Share navigate along self-chosen thematic strands in their work and research, offering the possibility of in-depth engagement with the topics, changes in perspective and the presentation of material that exhibition visitors are often unable to experience.

Examples include research processes, preliminary results and artistic fields of experimentation.
In the long run, this will lead to the establishment of an online archive referencing questions of artistic research and dealing with its different approaches.