2. Feb 2015, 20 Uhr

Refugees are welcome!

Place: Dresden

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  • Link to the video recording of the speech of Hartwig Fischer, General Director of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, on January 12, 2015, at 8 p.m. on Postplatz during the 2nd Dresdner Neujahresputz (Dresdner New Year’s Cleanup), the rally after and against the Pegida demonstrations

For several weeks now, people have been gathering in Dresden to capitalize on the distress of others. The flight of people from war, persecution, terror, and poverty around the world is being misused by the label of ‘Pegida’, an alliance of far-right and other groups at risk by right wing ideologies, to make a public appearance under and to stir up fear and hatred with inhumane slogans. We must take a stance against this misuse and the attack on core values of our democracy—solidarity, freedom, and tolerance. ‘Cosmopolitanism’ is the foundation of art and culture. In the past and present century, flight has belonged to the major European experiences. We all live in one world.

Also on Mondays, people are now standing up for an open-minded Dresden and a fundamental culture of freedom, humanity, and solidarity with refugees—and more participants are needed to advocate these values in the future

In the light of current events, we have altered our news ticker on Kirunatopia to include additional links to the ongoing events in Dresden and the calls of the alliance “Dresden für Alle.”

We cordially invite you to take part with us.