21. May – 12. Sep 2021

Parzelle 3 Pavilion

Place: Pavillon Parzelle 3 in der Flora I, Bergmannstraße 39 Dresden-Striesen

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  • Ulrike Mohr,, Gnadengarten in Radebeul
    Ulrike Mohr,, Gnadengarten in Radebeul
  • Ulrike Mohr,, Gnadengarten in Radebeul
    Ulrike Mohr,, Gnadengarten in Radebeul
  • Ulrike Mohr,, Gnadengarten in Radebeul
    Ulrike Mohr,, Gnadengarten in Radebeul

Parzelle 3 Pavillon

We are pleased to present the exhibition Universum by the Berlin-based artist Ulrike Mohr starting Friday, May 20, and are cordially invite you to visit! Admission to the garden area and the other projects is free. Universum is the first independent exhibition developed for the Pavilion Parzelle 3 that opened last fall. We are also happy to open the Gnadengarten created by Ulrike Mohr in 2020 as a long-term artistic project in the garden.

Burning charcoal is an old craft technique, an almost magical transformation process in which a new substance is created from an organic material: carbon. The components of the exhibition Universum were burned by the artist Ulrike Mohr herself in Dresden. They include roots and branches, various fruit trees and shrubs, but also other plant materials and objects collected by the artist in the allotment garden area Flora I.

Ulrike Mohr has been dealing with the various methods of burning charcoal for many years. She describes her fragile, hovering arrangements as spatial drawings, inspired by charcoal in stick form that belongs to the very first artistic mediums. As a contemporary artistic medium, burning charcoal stands for the universe of surfaces and forms that surround us in the garden. By opting for burning charcoal, Ulrike Mohr also makes reference to sustainability in the treatment of resources and to current scientific perspectives exploring the future potential of modern pyrolysis methods to reduce CO2 emissions under the heading Carbon Capture and Storage.

Ulrike Mohr developed the “Gnadengarten” as a further artistic garden project in the frame of Parzelle 3. The “Gnadengarten” is a long-term artistic project garden opening along with the “Universum” exhibition.

Prior to reshaping it to a model garden, the artist Ulrike Mohr recorded the vegetation of Parzelle 3 – a wild, blooming poppy field with innumerable edible wild herbs. The artist proposed to cultivate a new garden in the allotment garden area, which accepts the status quo of rank growth between culture and nature decisively characterizing our globe and for once does not ask about the usefulness of a plant from a human perspective, but is only geared to the rules of the right to exist. The result is the Gnadengarten. More than 50 different wild and cultivated plants still growing on the plot were lifted in collaboration with the gardener Sabine Kroehs and the seeds of all annual plants were collected. The project, for which an area right next to the main entrance to the allotment gardens was developed, can be viewed this year in the first phase of growth following planting and sowing. A panel that the artist designed in a laconically plain way documents all the plants that were accepted in the Gnadengarten – included those that couldn’t find mercy due to the regulations of the allotment garden association.

Ulrike Mohr (born 1970 in Tuttlingen) is a fine artist. She studied at the weißensee academy of art berlin, among others. In her works, she explores cultural techniques that have evolved from the coexistence of humans and nature.

Location: Parzelle Dahlienweg 23 / In the allotment garden association Flora I e.V. Main entrance: Bergmannstraße 39, 01309 Dresden-Striesen (Tram 4 + 10, Bus 63 + 64, Stop Bergmannstraße)

All outdoor garden projects can be viewed daily.

Still Crazy – 30 Years Kunsthaus Dresden

In this year of 2021, the Kunsthaus features long-term projects in the garden, temporary interventions in urban space and selected exhibitions to celebrate contemporary art’s wonderful ability to change places, people and their relationship to each other—and with this, it’s 30th anniversary as well.